Manufacturing of
Testing Equipment

Client benefit £138,002

Our client is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance testing equipment used in civil engineering projects.

The company undertakes examination and performance rating research for customers' products. They are continually striving to create better testing for materials and components, and aim to develop machines with variable capabilities. In this case, it was not known if reliable testing could be conducted using a device that allowed testing in a wide range of variables, including dry and wet circumstances. There were

industry examples of devices that could test the variables individually but not all at once, meaning that it was not possible to measure the impacts of the variables on each

other without setting up real-world examples that could take years to test correctly. In conjunction with creating a physical machine to allow for a vast array of testing variables, our client developed a software program that could monitor all of these variables and compute complex calculations, while also having a user-friendly interface to control tests and produce comprehensible reporting.

Our client started by initiating a detailed analysis of existing alternative solutions available to them, followed by extensive testing and trialing under laboratory

conditions. Variations of proposed solutions of equipment, components, and devices were bench marked against the performance of existing products, internally and externally, where available and appropriate. At the same time, realistic reporting

formats and data display media were investigated.

Image by Artem Beliaikin


Client benefit £19,619

Established in 2018, our client’s company was formed through a love of motorcycles and an innovative vision which sought to take standard motorcycles and redesign them

to be special edition models.

Their goal was to make it possible for fellow motorbike enthusiasts to own a bespoke motorbike, regardless of whether they possess the time or skills to enable them to do so.

They are the first company to work with a global motorcycle manufacturer and in partnership with Honda, our client was able to revolutionise standard motorcycle models to create custom-built motorbikes. The uniqueness of this company is their ability to combine personal attention to details and industry production standards whilst replicating superior development processes to enable the production of multiple motorcycles which all meet excellent specifications. This differs from the industry standard, in which most motorbikes are mass-produced and built to standardised specifications, size and budget, which created a significant gap in the market. Our client faced several technical uncertainties, as existing manufacturing processes are predominantly suited to mass production - using low-cost, poor quality materials, which were not suitable for their vision. However, our client determined a method to achieve maximum results by creating a tool to make new prototype parts which is checked continually on a motorcycle and back at their workshop for fit and finish before the actual tooling can be built. With the aid of multiple processes of checking and refashioning, our client was able to meet strict criteria of quality, comfort and finish.

Image by Jeremy Bezanger

Decentralised Finance

Client benefit £65,243

With expertise in a number of fields including marketing, sales and strategic planning, our client’s mission is to create a better world, powered by the spirit of community and exclusivity, starting with the internet.

They aim to give everyone the opportunity to thrive by creating market-fit products based on community, financial inclusion and decentralised control.

Our client is responsible for a finance blockchain network which is a decentralised, unbiased collateral-backed cryptocurrency, designed to maintain its value relative to the

value of one US dollar.

It is unique in the market by virtue of its transaction revenue sharing mechanism, which no other stablecoin has currently implemented.

As a result of this, it can succeed where bitcoins fails, as it is designed to minimise price volatility and offers users a stable asset which aims to be used globally for transactions

of every kind.

Limitations facing the industry include excessive fees, complexity, which excludes the average user, and soft stability, whereas our client’s blockchain infrastructure is a robust asset that provides a stable foundation for financial services.

Throughout the course of their research our client faced some technical uncertainties but managed to overcome them by introducing a non-federal monetary system model, instead of lending and borrowing which proved best for financial inclusion.

Fixed-Wing Glider

Client benefit £12,110

With over 30 years experience in aircraft design, our client is a global aerospace company with a mission to be at the forefront of tech and innovation, delivering superior

capability and maximised cost efficiency. They have undertaken extensive research into aircraft hybrid energy systems for the efficient use of solar, fuel cells (hydrogen) and battery energy sources and are

responsible for the integration of these in unmanned aerial vehicles.

These unmanned aircrafts aim to develop an aerial platform that uses a triple-hybrid energy system which will be equipped with smart artificial intelligence surveillance payload and sensor fusion.

Our client’s innovative air platform is larger than other solar unmanned aerial vehicles in it’s class, meaning it is able to achieve greater endurance and range, SATCOM

communications and a payload capacity of 40kg.

These aircrafts have the potential to participate in a vast range of missions, from border patrol to providing vital wildfire-fighting support.

This technology excels within the industry by being more reliable than the average unmanned aerial vehicle that exclusively uses solar panels and batteries, meaning they are not reliable for missions which require endurance or covering large areas under surveillance.

This means that the hybrid energy system developed by our client is crucial for select missions.


Data Analytics
Client benefit £71,142

Known as financial services data experts, our client boasts over a decade of experience in the industry.

They work with businesses of all sizes, from startups to market leaders and leverage data to the fullest capacity.

Their pioneering work has led to the development of a technological model which values content creators’ digital property to ensure they obtain a fair price for their digital assets.

Creator economy is a fast growing industry, with many creators being underpaid for their digital content which is then used by other companies for reuse/repackaging.

As the industry is still relatively new, many of the mid to high-weath creators it is comprised of have no experience or ability to value their digital assets.

This created a significant gap in the market for our client to approach the development of a method which would enable them to do this effectively in several stages.

As there was no existing technology to determine this, our client created a method of valuation by back and forth trialling and testing to enable creators to digitally authenticate with them without any risk of compromising their personal information or passwords.

They had to start the process of building the model by working with a limited amount of publicly available information and then expanding by offering services to creators to try

and evolve the model for maximum results.

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Machine Learning
Client benefit £166,695

Partnering over 13 years of fashion industry experience with 20 years of software engineering experience, our client has created an innovative platform which is a shopping and Reccomendation-as-a-Service (Raas).

The platform is focused on tailoring the online experience, using personality traits which enables shoppers to be accurately matched with products from global fashion retailers that align with them on a more meaningful level.

Our client’s mission is to create a connection between person and product through their

recommendation search engine which is powered by machine learning and psychology.

The global model is the first system to use explicitly-gained user psychological data, which learns about overall personality types and their aesthetic preferences statistically.

This differs from the industry standard which often starts and ends with the ‘you may also like’ feature which is favoured for use on many fashion retailers’ websites.

This feature offers recommendations on the basis of items which have similar attributes - colour, style or fit, which generally connotes to being a poor user experience as similar

items often become redundant to the consumer after purchasing the item they originally searched for.

A key difficulty our client faced was cataloging vast amounts of items from numerous retailers as it was extremely time consuming.

However, they were able to drastically reduce this time scale by removing inefficiencies with the core services.