The Claim Process

We charge no upfront costs, and should we fail to identify a claim then we will not charge you a fee at all. In other words, we operate on a 'No Win, No Fee' basis. We minimise your time! Less than 1 hour needed and the average entitlement realised within 28 days.

Step 1

A simple conversation

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First of all we will contact you by telephone and go through some simple qualifying questions. In order for you to proceed with our services we must identify R&D activity and expenditure within your company.


Assuming there are sufficient grounds for a claim our meticulous process will require a further conversation either at the companies premises or on the telephone. During this conversation one of our technical specialists will help discover R&D projects and explain whether or not the projects constitute as R&D activity. Don't worry if you don't have precise project information at this stage, our experts will help establish details and make suggestions as to what may have occurred using case studies.

Step 2

Supply documentation

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Second Step one of our Financial Consultants will be in touch at a time most convenient to you. This conversation will quantify the costs of the activity and work out how much the claim will be worth.
Again, don't worry! Our professionals will help turn the conversation into figures.

Last of all supply us with the relevant supporting documentation and one of our experienced report writers will do the rest.

Step 3

HMRC pays your claim

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Usually HMRC will recognise and pay your entitlement within 28 days.