Have you or your company spent money on research and development over the past two financial years?

Have you embarked on any innovative or difficult projects, which you weren’t certain could even be achieved?


Did your products or services require extensive trial and testing throughout the creation process?


If so, you may qualify to claim back up to 33.4% of eligible R&D expenditure through HMRC’s R&D Tax Relief Initiative. 


In the construction industry, each project has its own set of uncertainties and challenges!

To resolve this, innovation will need to take place. Costs related to the innovation or problem solving can be included in your R&D entitlement. See some examples below as to where R&D activity may take pace within the construction space.

  • Ground conditions can be a huge challenge although this can be resolved through innovation, such as issues with piling or foundations. On occasions construction companies will come up against, previously unidentified ground contamination thus affecting. Some methods to overcome this are considered R&D.

  • New techniques implemented to deal with issues redeveloping older structures can require careful
    trial and testing. Some techniques will have fallen out of use and will no longer be appropriate.
    A real concern is the growing skills shortage.


  • The age of a building can cause real problems for developers and construction companies.
    Uncertainties surrounding different systems used from different eras host their own set of
    challenges. Elements of R&D take place to overcome such challenges.

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At Alexander Clifford & Co our technical analysts are experts in your field and also have exceptional knowledge when it comes to the guidelines, clauses and scheme legislation regarding your eligibility. Don’t risk getting it wrong! HMRC have a very stringent in house compliant procedure. Our experts can make this easy for you and less time consuming by asking you some specific questions to determine your eligibility.

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I am now a Research Analyst at Alexander Clifford & Co Ltd looking after businesses in the construction and engineering sector, retrieving money owed to them.

Are you eligible to claim R&D tax credits?

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