Have you or your company spent money on research and development over the past two financial years?

Have you embarked on any innovative or difficult projects, which you weren’t certain could even be achieved?


Did your products or services require extensive trial and testing throughout the creation process?


If so, you may qualify to claim back up to 33.4% of eligible R&D expenditure through HMRC’s R&D Tax Relief Initiative. 

Do any of your manufacturing projects involve:


  •   The development of new products? devices? materials?

  •   Improving existing technologies?

  •   The creation of new services, processes, or programs?


If so, you may qualify to reclaim a percentage of your R&D expenditure

over the past two financial years.

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Your Specialist

At Alexander Clifford & Co our technical analysts are experts in your field and also have exceptional knowledge when it comes to the guidelines, clauses and scheme legislation regarding your eligibility. Don’t risk getting it wrong! HMRC have a very stringent in house compliant procedure. Our experts can make this easy for you and less time consuming by asking you some specific questions to determine your eligibility.

Hi there, I’m Benjamin and I can quickly pinpoint and extract the relevant information needed to compile your R&D report.

I have over 2 years experience identifying qualifying R&D projects in the manufacturing space and have helped over 100 clients retrieve over £4.7M.

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Client Benefit


Our client has become one of the leading manufacturers of low volume and high technology battery systems to a range of diverse markets. Their team pride themselves on supporting innovative, niche applications that many other manufacturers may not be capable of supporting. 


The company developed a smaller battery pack to fit the design of a popular compact car, in order to support the global move from conventional fuel-type vehicles to electric. This project had several complications stemming from the need to retrofit the new battery into a classic car with little space, while ensuring high efficiency and low weight. Through research, testing and analysis, our client sourced materials that would allow them to increase the density and efficiency of the battery pack. This allowed the size and weight to reduce, while maintaining optimum power to the car engine. Additional testing was required to determine the placement and shape of the battery, and the best bonding agent to fix the pack to it's casing. We work closely with all of our clients to ensure they receive the maximum return on their investment. Our team members are experts at identifying qualifying expenditure and uncovering the hidden value in your business.

Client Benefit


Our client is a cosmetics company specialising in luxury clinical and therapeutic products aimed at an African-British target market. Their products aim to create a step-change from the many products that contain harmful ingredients and chemicals by making use of all natural, organic formulas. 


They sought an advance through the development and production of the first natural, clinically proven, therapeutic ointments aimed specifically at 4c afro hair. Understanding the various scalp conditions, adapting ingredient ratios, and extensive testing formed a part of the company’s R&D process. It was necessary to produce several prototypes to establish a balanced formulation that avoided the side effect of scalp irritation. Additionally, a further development process took place to ensure that packaging was guaranteed to be both sterile and sustainable while adhering to health and safety guidelines, providing UV protection, and fitting the required dimensions. 


The result was the production of a range of all-natural, luxury therapeutic treatments that stimulate hair growth, retain moisture, and enhance overall scalp and hair health.

Are You Eligible To Claim R&D Tax?

Our close relationship and precious reputation has enabled HMRC to approve 100’s of our claims year on year. We have success stories from every industry and our experts will establish all qualifying grounds of eligibility within your sector to maximise your entitlement and leave no stone unturned. Could you have been missing out on tens, or even hundreds of thousands of pounds over the last 20 years


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