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Five Things to Look for in a Research and Development Tax Firm

Figuring out Research and Development tax can feel like being in a maze, so it’s crucial to get a specialist who really knows the ins and outs of the HMRC incentive to be your guide.

In a saturated market, with more R&D tax firms emerging all the time, there are a number of ways of identifying the right one for you to ensure you get the expert help you need.

As experts in the field, we at Alexander Clifford & Co. have collated some advice for innovators looking to be part of the government’s Research and Development incentive. Here are five things to look for in an R&D specialist to make sure you get the best for your business.


With so many R&D tax firms available and eager to assist with your claim, it is essential to your business to guarantee that the one you choose is credible and trustworthy.

There are a number of ways to identify this, including carrying out a brief analysis of their online platforms - websites, LinkedIn and other social media outlets will give you an insight into how they operate and how their existing clients feel about them.

You can also establish their credibility by calling and having a conversation with a real person, visiting their offices, or arranging a video call.

Our team would be happy to facilitate this - based in MediaCityUK, and ideally located near numerous transport links, we’re easy to reach and we’d love to meet you. Alternatively, you can call us on 0161 216 4044 to set up a Zoom or Teams meeting.

Knowledge and experience

When you’ve worked hard to be innovative in your field and invested a significant amount of money, you want someone knowledgeable to provide a return on your expenditure.

It is pivotal that your R&D claim is handled by someone with the ability to achieve maximum results.

At Alexander Clifford & Co. we have ten years of experience in the field, a team of over twenty specialists and more than 2000 happy clients.

Our service caters to the specific needs of your business and we pride ourselves on maximising the return on your claim.

A team of specialists

Another key way to guarantee a seamless claims process is to ensure you are working with specialists in the field of research and development tax credits.

Many accountants are capable of processing R&D claims, but often fall short as they may only have generalised knowledge in this area of tax.

Companies that deal specifically with research and development tax relief have expert knowledge on the matter and their teams are trained to manage every stage of the claims process.

At Alexander Clifford & Co., our team of trained specialists offer a tailored service and are typically able to claim back up to 30% more than an accountant can, due to the ability to create a technical narrative which accurately demonstrates the research and development process.

They operate on a no win, no fee basis and have a 100% success rate on all eligible businesses.

Competitive fees

Just like any other offer, it’s worth shopping around for the best rate and researching what that cost includes.

However, it’s important to be aware of firms charging low rates, as this isn’t always an indicator of the best deal for your business.

It’s always best to consider your business' individual needs and consider an R&D tax firm who offer a tailored approach and manage businesses on a claim-by-claim basis.

Furthermore, always be aware of hidden fees and opt for a firm that offers no up-front costs and has a no win, no fee policy.

Client testimonials

It’s easy enough for a company to endorse themselves, but getting genuine positive feedback is far more difficult.

That’s why testimonials from real clients are a great indicator of the company’s credibility.

Most R&D tax companies will feature client testimonials on their website, but with Google reviews and LinkedIn recommendations at your fingertips, you can get an even broader scope of feedback.

See Alexander Clifford & Co.’s client testimonials on our website here

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