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How much R&D Expenditure Do I Need to Have to Qualify for R&D Tax Credits?

How Do R&D Tax Credits Work?

The Research & Development Tax Credits Initiative was put into place in the year 2000. To put it simply, it aims to reward UK Companies that are engaging in Research and Development. This can be either in the form of a cash reward or a deduction from your Corporation Tax.

The R&D Tax Credits Scheme was put into place as an incentive, to encourage businesses to work on their continued growth within their sectors and promote innovation. Both of which support our growing economy.

What's The Minimum Spend to Qualify for R&D Tax Credits?

Surprise! There isn't one. Prior to 2012, companies must have uncovered over £10K in R&D Expenditure in order to qualify for the R&D Tax Incentive. Fast forward to present day and we are looking at the most inclusive R&D Tax policy to have ever existed.

Now, any R&D Spend that's covered by the initiative, big or small, is eligible to claim. You may already be aware of an area of R&D within your business, but what if you could work with expert R&D Tax Specialists to make sure you're maximising your claim to it's fullest potential?

Why Should I Use A Tax Specialist Rather Than Just My Accountant?

Alongside a more inclusive qualification policy, HMRC have cracked down on cases that are seen as "fraudulent" and now, many business owners submitting their own claim may be putting themselves at financial risk. If your claim hasn't been put together adequately, HMRC may throw out your case and the consequences can become some what of a financial burden. When you're working with a Tax Credits Specialist, we take on any financial risk, so you don't have to. Working with one of the UK's leading, HMRC Approved, R&D Tax Credits Associates when putting together your case means you can rest easy, knowing that your claim is in not just safe hands, but expert hands. The hands of people who do this day in, day out. Nobody knows R&D Tax like we do.

We work alongside some of the biggest accountancy firms in the UK to provide business owners with their hard-earned incentives and ensure no stone goes uncovered. How Do I Find Out If I Qualify?

For a FREE, no-obligation Qualification Assessment, contact one of our R&D Tax Specialists on Linkedin, or call 0161 459 7253.

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