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Optimising Your Team When Working Remotely

Motivating your team from home can seem tricky. We're all guilty of wondering if our team are really staying on task. It's difficult not to give in to the temptations we get from wanting to ensure we have control. What many business owners, managers and team leaders struggle to realise, is that the best functioning teams are built on Trust and Creative Freedom. Keep reading to find out our Top 5 Tips for Managing a High Performing Team While Working Remotely.

1 - Weekly Team Meetings

Team meetings are a must, whether this is something you were doing before or not. It's important for all relevant departments to be keeping contact. Although on the surface it may not seem entirely relevant to have everyone meeting at once - when you start allowing your teams to connect, you'll see them start to fill holes that nobody even knew were there.

2 - Weekly Targets

Set weekly targets and get one thing clear - We trust you to complete this work over the next 7 days, prioritise them, set deadlines and set the bar for what you expect from this work. Then check in on deadline days.

Use the targets to keep a feedback loop. You'll find some things take longer or less time than scheduled, make note of this and keep it in mind moving forward; the more accurate your expectations are, the more you can optimise everyone's time.

3 - Loosen Your Grip

If you run a tight ship with your management, the thought of your team being out of sight all day can be really anxiety inducing. However stealthy you think you're being, there's a good chance that if you're being a little over-bearing, your team can sense this.

Studies have found that teams feeling controlled by their managers perform at a lower rate than teams that have a lot of creative feedback and a positive feedback loop. Putting trust into your team to get the job done well initiates a mutual respect - expecting the worst can make your team feel like you have little faith in them.

4 - Clear Communication

Although it can be tempting to ping everything over on an Instant Message - keep clear communication within your routine. If something needs explaining in detail, you may want to use a free video software such as loom, to record your screen and explain your point. (Loom is a browser add on, that creates a shareable link when you're done recording that you can send to anyone).

Some stuff, requires more conversation. There are hundreds of free virtual meeting rooms available, such as Zoom or Google Hangouts. Like we said at No. 1 - Don't feel that every meeting needs to be. 1-2-1 thing, most virtual meeting rooms will allow you to invite 50+ people.

5 - Stay Social

Dropping some control doesn't necessarily mean 'leave everyone to it until the weekly meeting'. Make group chats, keep things light, send out tips and mood boosters. Keep your team happy, keep their targets clear and provided you've got the right people, the rest should follow.

And remember, the highest performing teams across the globe are those who are treated well, incentivised efficiently and are provided with a constant feedback loop.

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