Have you or your company spent money on research and development over the past two financial years?

Have you embarked on any innovative or difficult projects, which you weren’t certain could even be achieved?


Did your products or services require extensive trial and testing throughout the creation process?


If so, you may qualify to claim back up to 33.4% of eligible R&D expenditure through HMRC’s R&D Tax Relief Initiative. 


Your activity/project(s) are likely to qualify if they contain elements of:


  •   Machine learning

  •   Artificial intelligence

  •   Virtual/Augmented/Mixed reality

  •   Cloud-based solutions

  •   The creation of new logic, languages, algorithms, or APIs 

  •   Blockchain

  •   IoT

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Your Specialist

At Alexander Clifford & Co, our technical analysts are experts in your field and also have exceptional knowledge when it comes to the guidelines, clauses and scheme legislation regarding your eligibility. Don’t risk getting it wrong! HMRC have a very stringent in house compliant procedure. Our experts can make this easy for you and less time consuming by asking you some specific questions to determine your eligibility.

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Hi there, I’m Andrew and I can quickly pinpoint and extract the relevant information needed to compile your R&D report.

I have over 6 years experience identifying qualifying R&D projects in the software space and have helped over 100 clients retrieve over £3.7M.

Client Benefit


Our client, an award-winning provider of financial services worldwide, undertook extensive research and development in order to create a financial “ecosystem” that aggregates money transfer systems. Their platform links consumers with transfer systems around the globe, incorporating price monitoring technologies and an auction ideology to continually ensure the best possible price and exchange rate for each individual transfer. 


Ensuring accuracy of ever-fluctuating data, creating the adaptability required for connection to numerous types of APIs, and enabling the platform to abide by differing standards and requirements of global clients all presented substantial challenges to the project’s success. The creation of unique algorithms and an onboarding system have enabled our client to overcome these challenges and produce a highly-accurate and accessible global money transfer platform. 

Client Benefit


Our client is an IT development company at the forefront of the race to provide clients with innovative and secure payment software solutions. Industry-standard payment systems and applications rely heavily on an internet connection in order to ensure successful payments. Our client’s Pay-By-Text service is unique in that it allows payments to be made via SMS completely without an internet or WIFI connection.


Several challenges arose throughout the project relating to programming the SMS Text Protocol, enabling the encryption of personal data, providing real-time feedback and communication, the development of a unique API to ensure app compatibility worldwide, and allowing future manual code optimisation. However, the result of these efforts was a system that disrupted the current digital payment landscape by providing an encrypted, real-time, functional system for making payments via text message. 

Client Benefit


Our client has been disrupting the information technology industry through provision of on-demand, on-site support services since 2016. Specializing in desktop management, data-centre management, web design, and web-based management systems, our client has created a range of smart knowledge systems. 


Their recent research and development efforts have focused on the creation of an innovative, industry-specific technical tool to streamline their in-house training of staff members. Powered by artificial intelligence, the mixed-reality tool provides detailed diagnostic data and solution-focused visuals. Extensive training of neural networks has enabled the technical tool to function within both software and hardware environments, surpassing existing tools within the industry.


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