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Kemal London

CEO at Prime Airtime

Excellent communication and has always been attentive to any and all queries, I would recommend Ben to anyone seeking to R&D he makes the process seamless and ensures all involved are on the same page.

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Wesley Baker

Canterbury AI Ltd

Alexander Clifford & Co are a pleasure to work with, and the company does what they say they do to achieve good solid R&D claims. I would highly recommend working with them, both in the role that I did or any future roles.

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Stuart Easton

CEO at TransparentChoice

Benjamin reached out of the blue to talk to me about R&D tax credits. We had spoken to a few consultants but the complexity of our situation meant they weren't able to help us. The team at Alexander Clifford, on the other hand, dived in and got us a healthy refund in double-quick time.

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Ianto Jones

CEO, Director, Founder and
Technical Consultant

Benjamin is very polite and engaging. Each phone call in relation to the R&D Tax Credits Initiative was on point and he explained the process with clarity and understanding. This helped us immensely with navigating our R&D Tax Credits. Benjamin is very conscientious and would be a great asset to any team.

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F. Elusio Zafar Alcalde

CEO, LD & Founder at TAXMAP

Benjamin contacted me and clearly explained R&D tax rebate; something that I was not aware of. Benjamin and the team at Alexander Clifford have been really helpful and efficient. Looking forward to continuing our work together.

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Simon Rucker

Founder & Product Director at Liberty Herbal Technologies Ltd

Benjamin made the process of applying for a R&D tax rebate simple and clear - actually looking forward to working with Alexander Clifford on our next application...!

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Dmitry Gakamsky

Director and CEO at DMG
Biophotonics Ltd.

Andrew provides reliable support through all the necessary steps to get a successful return on investment in R&D. I am really pleased to use his service.


Paul Phea-Munsage

Director at Cheshire Property Advisers Ltd

I've worked with Alexander Clifford & Co now on numerous projects and I can quite honestly say their approach to work is highly professional and their attention to detail along with specialist's can do attitude is second to none. I can highly recommend Andrew as he has vast knowledge in tax consultancy and R&D.

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Joshua McMillan

Founder of Poly Fruit Studios Ltd

Thanks for getting in touch Isabella! Going through the initial stages of our application was smooth and clear.

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Pascual Marqués
Ph.D., MRAeS

Founder of Marques Aviation Ltd

Alexander Clifford & Co Ltd is an excellent company to work with. They are very efficient, they supported us through the process of R&D tax credits and kept us informed of developments at every step. I highly recommend Isabella and the Alexander Clifford & Co Ltd team.


Dr Parsa Bahrami

Research Fellow in Solar Thermal at UCL

Alexander Clifford & Co reached out to me and talked me through my entitlement under the R&D Tax Credits Initiative, something at first I didn't think I was eligible for. The team at Alexander Clifford have been extremely helpful and efficient and I'm looking forward to continuing our work together in the future.

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John Potter

Managing Director

Prestige Medical Ltd

Isabella is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the R&D Tax Credits Initiative. I was unaware of my entitlement before Isabella approached me. The team at Alexander Clifford & Co are very fast and efficient and I would highly recommend them to any company in the UK looking to take advantage of the scheme!

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